An artist and novelist, I'm torn between the two most of the time.  


I hope you enjoy reading the synopses of my novels. 


Two agents over the past four years didn't manage a publishing deal. I'd stubbornly avoided the self-publication route, but patience was wearing thin, and in 2013 I decided to go for broke with "The Attic",  just to see what would  happen. Fact is, it's a wonderful experience, and I've now published my second novel, "Uncharacteristic Behaviour." See below...




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  95,000 word contemporary women's fiction, set in North Wales and Australia.

Synopsis here




  96,000 word women's contemporary fiction, set in rural Ontario, Canada.
Synopsis here




 Supernatural romance, set in modern-day Canada and World War II Britain.

Published 2013.

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Contemporary mystery novel set in Toronto.

Published 2014.

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And two more of my earlier paintings to round out the page...


Modern folk art painting, colorful, whimsical urban female image.


                                                   Celeste Hadn't A Thing To Wear (Sold)

8 x 10





                                                                                Waiting For Celeste (Sold)

                                                                                                         12 x 12 



Colorful, modern folk painting set in a busy bar and restaurant.

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