Send a Postcard, Gran! 

                                                                         16 x 12 (Sold)




"Gran and the Van"  

Reliving your glory days, Gran? Nah...every day is a glory day for Gran.

8 x 10 (Available)




                                                                        Gran in Paris

                                 Who gave you that rose, Gran? And what's with that little smile?

                                                                  8 x 10  (Not for Sale)




                                                                                      Gran In Provence.

                                             Now THAT'S more like it Gran. Room for necessities

                                                                      14 x 10 (Sold)




                                                          Gran Was There for a Tasting, she thought.  

                                                                    They said it would be fun...

                                                                                8 x 10  




                                                        Gran Lost Her Tour Group Again.

                                        She really needs glasses, but won't wear them. So vain.

                                                   Hope she discovers where she is before Vespers.

   10 x 8 (Sold)




                                                                                  Gran In The Casbah?                                  

                        We knew you wanted to learn bellydancing, but in Turkey? What will Dad say?

                                                             8 x 10  (Not for Sale)




                                                                                            Ahoy, Gran!

                                            Good trip? Didn't you want to pay the fuel surcharge?

                                                                8 x 10  (Not for Sale)




                                                                                            Sidesaddle, Gran?    

                                                            Must be  difficult for shopping...   

                                                                   12 x 12 (Not for Sale)




                                                                                        Gran's New Scooter

                                                                          That's better!

                                                                         12 x 12 (Sold)




                                                                                          Gran and the Gulls   

                                                                      There goes lunch...

                                                                       20 x 16 (Sold)




                                                         Gran Enjoys a Bit of Snorkelling  

                                                                               8 x 10 (Sold)




        Gran Thought She Was Taking Tango  

         Well, that's what she thought she signed up for.

  16 x 12 (Sold)




                                                                  Gran Learns to Tango

                                                                                         That Maurice is so hot... 

                                                                            8 x 10 (Sold)




     Gran's Napping Again

            She must need it after everything she's been doing.    

          Hope they wake up in time for Shameless.

      24 x 18 (Not For Sale)




    Gran Likes A Good Thriller 

         She knows it's just fiction, but keeps the baseball bat beside the bed. Better safe than...

    20 x 16 (Sold)


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