15 x 11

The Village 

48 x 36 Mixed Media, acrylic on plaster relief.   (Not For Sale)




                                                                    The Dishes Can Wait

                                              It's all very well for these Mediterraneans.

                              They arrive late - drink, eat, talk, and then  drink,  eat and talk some more. 

                                      I guess the dishes will still be there in the morning...

                                                                      8 x 10 (Not For Sale)




    The Quilt Sale    

  16 x 12 (Sold)




                                                                                    Fall Quilt Sale

                                                                              16 x 12 (Sold)

( Orders welcome.)




                                                                                   Spring Fair   

                                                                             24 x 18 (Sold)




                                                                                 Fall Yard Sale     

                                                                              16 x 12 (Sold)


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