"Village House"

16 x 20


16 x 12 (Sold) 

  Queen Car   

Homage to the streetcars of Toronto.  

16 x 12 (Sold)




The Group   

To all those lovely jazz clubs everywhere. 

54 x 34 (Not For Sale)




 The Empty Chair     

At first glance, you'd think she'd been stood up. In fact, she's just the sort of girl who likes to take herself to dinner. New Woman.   

10 x 8 (Sold)




                                                                   The Women's Club

 It is a kind of club, with all the usual competitiveness, the kill-or-be-killed, every-woman-for-herself, to-the-victor-the-spoils mentality.  And when the battle's over, and you give in to exhaustion, there is that glorious moment when you realize you won.   You scored that last pair of green shoes...

                                                                            20 x 16  (Acrylic on Paper) (Sold)




 Listening to Miles   

Warm, Sunday afternoon, nothing much happening. Ideal for closing your eyes, smelling the breeze, and listening to Miles.   

10 x 8 (Sold)




   The Club    

It's some time back, but I still remember that zone she's in.  

10 x 8 (Sold)




                                                                         Spring At Last

                                                                                        16 x 12 (Not For Sale)




    Chillin' With Charlie      

     Nasty weather outside. Nothing on TV. Perfect time for a little Jobim, and just chillin' 

10 x 8 (Sold)




                                                               Winter Walk With Buddy

                                                                                                   8  x 10 (Sold)




 Winter Flowers      

When it's starting to get really cold, it's so great to still see the flowers. They'll have to go inside soon.

12 x 16 (Not For Sale)


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