Becky 's Grounded

It doesn't look like much of a problem, with a view like this. 

36 x 24 (Not For Sale)




 103 Victoria Street

       36 x 24 on Masonite (Not For Sale)

This house once existed in Kings Cross, Sydney. It, along with many others, was demolished in the 70s to make room for a huge apartment complex. I remember the protests that were held about it. People tied themselves to railings. It was hugely reported. I am a little ashamed to admit that I lived in one of the new apartments. But not until 30 years later. I figure the old ghosts forgave me.




  Waiting For Dad     

16 x 20 (Sold)




Tea With Emily

It's fun dressing up in Gran's clothes and jewels. Emily looks so grown up with that lipstick. Of course, she should. She's a year older than I am.

8 x 10  




    Mom's Boy    

16 x 20 (Sold)




                                                                        First Day Back 

                                                    It looks like Mandy is really ready... Shame she's only four.

                                                                                                          10 x 8  




 Becky And Baby Grounded Again?  

Oh, not on such a beautiful day!

      36 x 36 canvas wall hanging (Not For Sale)     




                                                                   Becky at the Beach

                                                                                        36 x 24 (Not For Sale)


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